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Saturday, June 9, 2012

On the road to Salt Lake

I’m traveling to Salt Lake City for my short-term summer job of reading AP exams. I teach a high school course titled Government and Politics: US; students can earn college credit for this class if they score well on a national exam. The exam is written by the College Board, an organization which works closely with colleges to provide challenging curriculum for high school courses. The exam consists of two parts, 60 multiple choice questions and four essay questions. The multiple choice section is scored by computer, but the essays are graded the old fashioned way. College Board hires 700 high school teachers and college professors to read each question. How many kids take the exam? Last year, over 250,000 took it. It takes about a week to read and score the approximately one million essays (250,000 students times 4 questions each) and this year the reading takes place in Salt Lake City.

Last summer, the reading was in Daytona Beach. I had the chance to visit Halifax Lodge #81 while there. This year, I’m looking forward to visiting a Salt Lake City Lodge, Mt. Moriah #2 in Salt Lake.
Check back for more travel reports and my report on Mt. Moriah #2.

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