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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Iowa Masonic Leadership Symposium

Here are a few highlights of the Iowa Leadership Symposium held today at the Des Moines Scottish Rite. For additional information, see my blog entry on the Des Moines Consistory website.

Robert G. Davis
-Gone are the days when only two generations of men run Lodge.
-The true purpose of Freemasonry- awakening consciousness in men. No other organization in the world exists to do this work. We exist to communicate moral integrity and social honor to a younger generation of men.
-Our goal is to make good men better (NOT to discuss how to make old, leaking Lodge roofs better)

Chris Hodapp
-The Lost Symbol (Dan Brown) is a 509 page love letter to the fraternity and we better be ready for a masonic boom of potential members when the movie comes out.
-I was jabbed with an officer’s pike soon after I was raised in 1999: 2 years later I was Master of the Lodge.
-New members won’t tolerate arguing about whether or not to fix the roof or raise dues by $2 a year.
-Freemasonry isn’t just about ritual because face it: who would join a memorization club?

S. Brent Morris
-Freemasons in their thirties and forties started most of the invitational groups that today have high status.
-90% of Lodges in the state of New York were lost as a result of the Morgan affair.
- what’s the next evolution of Freemasonry? It might be up to those younger than us.

Thomas Wilkerson
-I graduated from Top Gun when Tom Cruise was in the 3rd grade.
-Nine of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence died from combat wounds; 5 were POWs.
-all of the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during WW2 were Freemasons

Pictures can be viewed at Bailey's Buddy

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