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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

140th Anniversary of Operative Lodge

Operative Lodge #308 passed three men to the Fellowcraft degree Tuesday evening. It was a very unique night for several reasons. First, we don’t often pass that many at the same time; members could not recall the last time it has happened. Second, the Mother’s lecture was given by a visiting brother from Otley Lodge in Perry. This lecture is moving and emotional and as Senior Deacon I had a front row seat to hear it, three times! And finally, last night, June 5, 2012, was the 140th anniversary of Operative Lodge #308 receiving its charter from the Grand Lodge of Iowa! What a great way to celebrate! 

Welcome to our new Fellowcrafts, Joe Heaberlin, Issac Laffey, and James Brown, and congratulations on helping to make the 140th anniversary of Operative Lodge unique.

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