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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Iowa Research Lodge #2 Meeting

Iowa Research Lodge #2 held its semiannual meeting Friday, December 6 at Black Hawk Lodge #65 in Cedar Falls, IA. The goal of Iowa Research Lodge #2 is to increase masonic knowledge within the Craft. The Lodge holds two meetings a year which feature speakers on masonic topics. Past speakers have included well-known masonic authors, university professors with academic interests in Freemasonry, and presentations from members. All Masonsare welcome and encouraged to join! The next meeting is May 15, 2015 at West gate Temple in Des Moines.

Friday night’s meeting featured George Harrison and Jeffrey Heimensen’s presentation on Iowa’s new Optional Mentoring Course (OMC). The OMC is an effort to increase Masonic Light and provide additional opportunities for mentorship. Brother Harrison and Heimensen’s presentation provoked much discussion among members present.

This was my first visit to Black Hawk Lodge #65. If you haven’t visited this Lodge you are missing one of the beauties of Iowa Freemasonry. Located on historic Main Street in downtown Cedar Falls, the Lodge is ornately decorated. Two large pillars dominate the west while the north has several rows of theater seats. There are numerous display cases and wall hangings of historic value. I posted a few pictures below.

Iowa Masonic Library: World War I Exhibit

I stopped by the Grand Lodge of Iowa's Masonic Library in Cedar Rapids the other day. There's a new exhibit that Assistant Librarian Bill Krueger told me about: Iowa Masonry and World War I. The exhibit tells about the role of Iowans in the War. The exhibit includes some WW I weapons (including a Big Bertha artillery shell!) but focuses more of masonry and Iowa masons who served. In addition, there is an exhibit of WW I posters.

I took a few pictures of the exhibit below. The exhibit will be open through June 2015 and is located on the 2nd floor.