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Monday, February 28, 2011

Master Craftsman Part Two is Here!

(photo courtesy of Scottish Rite)
Master Craftsman II is now in progress. I ordered the program early last week and lesson one arrived just four days later. The program is a continuation of the Master Craftsman I. The Scottish Rite describes it as a “by-mail Masonic education correspondence course.”

I enjoyed the first part and am excited to begin part II. Already I notice that it is significantly different. First, the multiple choice questions are definitely more challenging. I write multiple choice test questions for a living (sort of- I’m a high school Social Studies teacher) so I have to claim credit for being able to recognize a good test question when I see one! Second, the essay questions in Part II require more analysis of each specific degree. And there are more of them. In my first quiz for Part II, there are two essay questions with each being 500 – 1000 words. That’s two to four pages of double-spaced, typed text…each! Oh my: I’m starting to sound like my students again.

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