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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Lighthouse Restaurant in Cedar Rapids

The Lighthouse is a Cedar Rapids restaurant with a long history and great food. I arrived in CR the night before the Masonic Education conference so I could visit with my brother and his family. He suggested we try the Lighthouse for supper and I’m glad we did. I had a New York Strip steak with blue cheese and it was delicious and perfectly cooked. My brother had the Filet and it was also cooked just the way he ordered it. His wife ordered scallops and said they were wonderful.

The history of the Lighthouse goes back 99 years to 1912 when it first opened. During prohibition, gangsters from Chicago would retreat from the city to “beat the heat” and stayed in cabins behind the restaurant. The cabins are long gone, as is the bullet hole in the restaurant’s wall near the lounge where John Dillenger’s gun went off, but the history of the place lives on along with great food.

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