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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Petunias and blizzards

I started my petunia and impatiens seed yesterday. Not that a blizzard warning makes for a good time to start seeds indoors, but it was comforting to me. I suppose it was the promise of spring that brightened an otherwise cold and snowy evening. Or maybe it was the nature of a seed that sparked my imagination, and not just any seed, but a petunia seed, which has to be about the smallest seed I’ve ever started indoors. These tiny, somewhat ugly, specks will turn into months of colorful flowers.

This is just the third year I’ve started seeds indoors under lights for replanting later in our garden. I wanted to try petunias and impatiens this year in part because of the economy of planting seeds instead of buying transplants. Even after the cost of my additional seed starting equipment, I’ll save money. Now, I’m not sure I’ll consider that such a strong reason in the future. I wasn’t thinking about dollars and cents last night while the wind howled and my 2 ½ year-old son watched as I planted these tiny seeds. And when I see their first blooms this spring and think back to that cold winter’s night, I doubt I’ll be thinking money, either.

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