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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chief of the Tabernacle

We had our first practice for the Scottish Rite 23rd degree, Chief of the Tabernacle, last night. I have a small part in the degree with just a few lines and it’s been easy to memorize. For our first practice, we focused on placement and movement of the cast members during the degree. There are about nine of us on the degree team.

This is a new degree for the Des Moines Valley: it’s never been performed here. For me, it’s exciting to be a part of the team performing a degree. Memorizing the lines hasn’t been difficult, but I think the opportunity to play a small part in the entire process is what I’ll enjoy the most. And since this degree has never been done here, that makes it even more of a unique opportunity. I know it will be the best performance of the degree Des Moines has ever seen…!

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