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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Masonic Education Conference- Saturday

Grand Master Jerry Levay welcomed over one hundred participants to the Grand Lodge of Iowa’s 2012 Education Conference on Saturday, Feb. 11. After prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, conference attendees heard presentations from Cliff Porter, Chad Simpson, Ryan Broderson, and Jons Olsson.

Cliff Porter, a founding member of Enlightenment Lodge #198 in Colorado Springs, spoke on the topic of the psychology of Freemasonry. He applied his experience as a homicide detective in an interesting and entertaining presentation on Freemasonry, ritual, the ancient mysteries, and even birth order. After the conference, Brother Cliff graciously autographed copies of his book The Secret Psychology of Freemasonry.

Chad Simpson spoke on the symbolism of the Third Degree. Chad is a former recipient of a Grand Lodge of Iowa college scholarship and he mentioned the impact the award had on his journey in becoming a Freemason.

Ryan Broderson drew the tough slot of speaking immediately after lunch. Woody’s Smokeshack provided the meal and it was delicious and filling. Ryan’s presentation on the meaning of King Solomon’s temple held the well-fed audience’s interest, even in a warm room. Maybe his experience as a high school debater helped!

Jons Olsson ended the day with a rousing talk on Freemasonry and the Civil War. Jons humorous stories provided a perfect end to an educational, enlightening day of speakers.

Pictures from the Grand Lodge of Iowa's Masonic Education Conference on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012:

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