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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lodge night- Three petitions!

Operative Lodge #308 held its stated meeting for February last night. Sixteen brothers attended including a visitor from Golden Fleece Lodge #89 in Litchfield, MN, just sixty miles west of Minneapolis. Our meeting featured an educational presentation by Byan Bever on the history of the American flag. In addition, initial plans were made for Operative Lodge’s annual Barbeque on September 29.

The highlight of our meeting, at least to me, was the reading of THREE petitions for membership in our Lodge! Three men from the community have petitioned for membership and none of the brothers at last night’s meeting could recall when we have last had that many petitions at the same time, if ever! Our traditions require men to petition for membership into Freemasonry; membership is not solicited. After the petition has been read in open Lodge, no action may be taken for thirty days. Then, a vote of the membership determines whether or not the petitioner is invited to become a candidate. If the candidate is accepted, he is scheduled to receive his First degree: the Entered Apprentice.

Operative Lodge #308 currently has one man who just completed his Entered Apprentice degree and is waiting for his Fellow Craft degree. It’s exciting to be a part of a Lodge with four men in the process of joining all at the same time! If you live in the central Iowa area and are interested in becoming a Freemason, checkout some of the links on the right side of this page or read some of the older posts on this blog to learn more. Remember, you must ask to join; no one will ask you.

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