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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Master Craftsman Quiz 1

I mailed my first quiz for the Scottish Rite Master Craftsman course this morning. The quiz covered 67 pages of reading in the text Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor & Guide, Second Edition, by Arturo De Hoyos.

I received the quiz last week and hoped to finish it earlier, however, the second weekend of the Des Moines Valley’s Fall Reunion slowed my progress. I was a candidate in the Glen W. Lamb, 32˚ KCCH and Eugene L. Smith, 32˚ KCCH class and last weekend was busy.

I’m enjoying the Master Craftsman class quite a bit. The first quiz helped focus my reading on what is, to be honest, an intimidating text. De Hoyos’s book is over one thousand pages!

The multiple choice quiz questions are very specific and require close reading and rereading of the book. Already I feel like I have learned more about the Rite because of the course than if I simply read the book itself without the structure of the Master Craftsman program.

The next quiz covers over 270 page of material. Let’s hope I’m still optimistic when I mail that one in!

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