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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Symbolism of the Rough and Perfect Ashlars

I’m writing a paper on the symbolism of the Rough and Perfect Ashlars. Based on the research I’ve done so far, I’ve listed ten interpretations of these two basic symbols below. Most of the interpretations are not mutually exclusive; one doesn’t cancel out the others. Moreover, many support each other to the extent that they represent different layers of meaning. However, there is one or two that surprised me, especially the co-masonry symbolism! In addition, as a high school American Government teacher, I enjoyed researching Pike’s view of the Ashlar representing the Separation of Powers! This is my first research project into Freemasonry and I’m learning that even the “basic” symbols aren’t so basic after all.

1. standard
2. simplistic- start/end
3. people/state
4. individual/social
5. consistent moral standard towards the world and private life- both faces show
6. deity- ROS, Cornerstone
7. Living stones
8. futuristic prediction of coming co-masonry
9. Borglum- remove the excess and find that perfection was there the whole time
10. esoteric- numerology

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