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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Freemansonry and Amateur Radio

The Masonic Gathering is a group of people interested in Freemasonry who meet once a week on Sunday evenings for fellowship. It’s different than a traditional Lodge because the meeting takes place on amateur radio frequencies (“ham radio”) through the internet. You don’t have to be a Mason to join in, either. Here’s how the Masonic Gathering website describes their purpose:

The purpose of the “Gathering” is for Brother Amateur  Radio   Masons  to  fellowship and exchange information. Many of our check-ins do not have the opportunity to attend lodge due to work or health reason and the “Gathering” give them the opportunity for Masonic Fellowship.

The Gathering is not a lodge, but just a Gathering of Masons who share the hobby of  Amateur   Radio and a love of the Craft. We are not recognized by any Grand Lodge or appending bodies.

Check-ins are open to the public and we do not discuss any of the esoteric work of the craft in the rooms or on the airwaves.

Each week  we have a discussion topic which the brothers are invited to comment on. Brother Chuck Cumming, WA5THZ, who serves as the Gathering’s Chaplin, brings a weekly program on some subject of interest to the brothers. These are always thought provoking and a joy to listen to.

I checked in for the first time this past Sunday and had an enjoyable time. If you’re a licensed amateur radio operator you can use EchoLink. If not, eQSO is a software package that allows participation. More information can be found on the Masonic Gathering page.

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