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Friday, October 22, 2010

How much is too little?

How much is too little?
After reading the North Eastern Corner’s thoughts on whether or not Freemasons meet too much, I started thinking about my schedule. How much time do I devote to Masonic work? So, I stared an Excel spread sheet and crunched some numbers, just for fun.

My assumptions might not fit you, in fact, they aren’t exact even for me, but this is how I figured my time commitment: 8 hours at work, 8 hours sleep, 2 hours total for shower/shave and breakfast and supper, 1 ½ hours for daily chores, and 30 minutes commute time for work. That’s for a work day. For weekends, I added 2 hours for church and 4 hours total per weekend day for chores; I subtracted work and commute time.

In terms of Masonic activity, I’m assuming 2 ½ hours per Masonic function (meeting or whatever).

The results:

% free time used Amount of Masonic activity
1.74% 1 Masonic activity per month
3.47% 2 Masonic activities per month
5.21% 3 Masonic activities per month
6.94% Weekly Masonic activities per month
13.89% 8 Masonic activities per month

By the way, I spent 1.04% of my free time this month researching and writing this blog entry.

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