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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Scottish Rite Reunion is underway!

The first weekend of the 2012 Lyle C. Smith, 33° Fall Memorial Reunion is underway! The new class was welcomed Friday night with a pork chop dinner followed by the opening ceremonies complete with bagpipes. Four degrees were performed Friday evening and over the course of this two weekend Reunion,  the class will see twenty seven of the twenty nine Scottish Rite degrees.

I was able to see many old friends and make some new ones. I assisted the president of my class from two years ago, Danny Beyer, with the opening ceremony as a member of the Des Moines chapter of the  Knights of Saint Andrew. One of the reasons we have reunions is to reconnect with those Brothers we may not see often as a part of our other Masonic activities. I enjoyed visiting with Danny and hope to catch up with other members of my class tomorrow.

The reunion continues with the eighth through eighteenth degrees on Saturday. Following the degree work, please join the class for a social in the fourth floor Billiards room.

Saturday Schedule
8:00 - 8th Degree
9:00 - 9th/10th Degree
9:50 - 11th Degree
10:40 - 12th Degree
11:25 - 13th Degree
11:50 LUNCH
12:45 - 14th Degree
1:45 - 15th Degree
2:45 - 16th Degree
3:40 - 17th Degree
5:00 - 18th Degree
6:10 Social Hour


  1. Mike, I hope you will take some pictures and write up the reunion for the SR Blog as I will not be there.

  2. Jay- My pics did not turn out. I had the flash set wrong. I'll be ready on Nov. 2-3. Mike